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2 Kids

So, I’ve been a mother of two for a good 6 weeks now and I’m surprised at how much fun it is. I have to say that I was bracing myself for … I’m not sure what exactly, but this is way more fun than whatever it was for which I was buckling down. Mardson is such a good older brother. In the mornings he wakes up, lets himself out of his room (closing his door again behind him) and runs into our room to see us and to see ‘Baby Penny’, as he calls her. He’s getting much better at her full name and can now say ‘Penelopies’ when he takes a moment to focus on it, but she’s still Baby Penny for every day purposes. He loves to show her his toys and try to share them with her. When she doesn’t take the offered toys he either sets one next to her or says, “No? O tay.” And then he continues his previous conversation with her.

Penelope is just as fond of her older brother as he is of her. If she’s having a hard time or just fussing around some, she perks right up when he gets near. And she’s a very content baby as long as I don’t eat anything to offend her tummy. That’s got me off dairy, chocolate, garlic, fish, spicy foods, and things that taste good in general. Thank heavens she does well with salt, it’s my last consolation! But I don’t mind too much because she really is so happy when I behave myself, dietarily speaking. She loves to chat and stretch when she’s awake; and I can’t help but marvel at her tiny perfection. How did I get blessed with 2 such sweet, angelic kids?