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Five Guys

okay, so I loathe in-n-out burger, and not just because their site has a really crappy flash intro. The Californians my freshman/sophomore years at BYU were far too vocal about how awesome the burgers there are: when I finally had one, I was seriously let down by comparison to how much they were talked up.

Today, my friend and I went to the grand opening of the orem (yes, orem) store. Remembering how not great (read: average) their burgers were, we decided to not fight the lines, but instead go to Five Guys.

Five Guys is awesome. Don’t get the normal burger, get a small (little?) one. I was out of there with a handfull of peanuts, an awesome burger (i got ‘all the way’, which means they put grilled onions, sauces, lettuce, etc), and i was only out $4.09.

People say it’s elitism keeping in-n-out from expanding all across the nation, but I say it’s another case of very average food not being able to make it in a market of competitive commerce, you see …