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so a a friend of mine from work and i passed our ham radio exams the same day last week, got radios between a day of eachother, and, for the first time, used two different repeaters to communicate with eachother. so cool!

at any rate, we tried simplex between the area around golds gym and 9th east in provo and spanish fork, but it didn’t quite seem to be working, so we switched over to the UARC repeater, and then tried to figure out the CTCSS on the BYU repeater … the CTCSS didn’t seem to make a difference, but, mayhaps i just didn’t configure it right … we’ll see.

it’s so cool that there are awesome people in the country willing to spend time and money to provide the repeaters as a public service to hams. i’m so excited to learn about all of this stuff!!