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Stopped Pene in the nick of time

At church yesterday, Pene had been playing at the stairs that lead up onto the podium at church. She was just playing with her little dinosaurs, and being cute, and we were in the front row, so we figured it was all fine.

Then, all of a sudden, my mischeif sensors went off. She was up on the stage, heading for the piano. I jumped up, and started for her, and as soon as she saw me, she knew she didn’t have much time. She made a mad dash, and I grabbed her right before she got to the keys.

I was concerned that she was going to wail at the tops of her lungs about me stopping her from having fun, but all she did was turn her head towards me and say “Hi, daddy.” It was so cute, and rather disarming.

At any rate, we tried to sit down and wait for the last 2 mins of church to pass, but she started having a fit, so we went outside, and she just stayed in my arms saying that she “woved” me.

Vanessa says that after I took her out:

  • Mardson asked “what is daddy doing to my Pene?”
  • Vanessa: “teaching her to be a nice girl and listen to the people talk just like mardson is doing”
  • Mardson: “I love you; you’re the best mom I ever had”

I still think we should be pushing for 1 hour of church.