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We’re Not Dead

So, for the past week (as of tomorrow), Mardson and I have been battling some crazy mean virus that attacks the throat mouth and lips. It’s painful and ugly and it really makes you happy to lounge and watch shows all day long. But it seems like we’re finally making some headway. Now that it’s almost been a week, we should be able to count on being out of this within the next week or so. Sigh. We’re so grateful that Mardson responds well to the meds for the symptoms. He’s such a good sport about it all. Penny, of course, is having a ball. She’s still healthy (hooray!) and demands lots of playtime. All around, I can’t complain. Stephen had his last class EVER yesterday and we’re soooo happy about that too Of course, now he just has to write a thesis and defend it. Easy! Ha!