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dell mini 12

so my friend posted an article on his site about his experience with his dell mini 9. i am going to do a similar recap of my love/hate relationship with my machine (in no particular order):

Pros: - light and thin: this thing couldn’t possibly weigh less - super sharp display - quiet - reasonably sized keyboard. like will’s mini 9, my fingers are cramped, but they didn’t remove any keys. - linux: the awesomeness of being able to purchase a machine with linux on it, and get $50 off by dodging the ms tax was beautiful. - complete hardware support: everything worked out of the box as expected (bluetooth, wireless, webcam, etc). however, this is also a con … read on

cons: - proprietary drivers nightmare – i hate that dell has the audacity to sell me a computer with linux on hardware that isn’t really supported. - abysmal drive speed - battery life not that great – 3-4 hours - price – i paied $500, where most ‘netbooks’ are around $200-300