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html 5

So I’m a super late bloomer to the html 5. It’s too bad, really. I’ve got plenty of charged opinion to go around on the subject.

So a few hours after having learned about the <video> tag, I wrote a django app for doing video content (there now is an app for that). I love that the gods of html have decided that video should be as easy to use as img.

Fortunately nobody has pinned the clear winner on codec to h.264. I love h.264 as much as the next man, but for cryin’ out loud: it’s the web, people! why would we want someone owning a technology required to enjoy the web!?

It’s too bad that h.264 is better (if only slightly) than vorbis video. Ogg (vorbis audio) has been significantly better than the popular flash audio streams (mp3) for a decade or so now; just a matter of time till Vorbis Video gets there.

Anyhow, I want to start posting more, and there is my musing for the evening.