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sansa fuze: transcode your own videos in linux

Coincidentally, sunday is valentine’s day, and i replaced Vanessa’s new iPod with a new iPod who is not lost. she was ecstatic.

On a related note, she got me a sansa fuze, since I noticed it sitting there (at half the price of comparable iPod, proudly displaying ‘flac’ and ‘ogg/vorbis’ on the side of the box) and she had told me minutes before that she didn’t know what she was going to get me :)

Can’t complain to much about it yet. The Clip is the coolest thing ever invented. Literally. Does everything I need it too. Do you want to play ogg files? No problem. Flac? Check. Awesome batterylife? Just fine. Indestructible? I’ve dropped it over 100 times, including whilst mountain biking, hiking, sleeping, working, programming, slacking off, etc. Can I move files onto the thing with mv and cp? Yes. Can I move songs off of the machine?

K – So I wanted to see if the Fuze would be just as good. So far, not too many complaints. I can do everything the other one could, plus I can watch videos on it. The internet claims that this is impossible to do sans sansa’s stupid special windows-only craptacularity. It is not impossible. It’s just super hard to get right. They have to be transcoded correctly; here’s how you transcode video for the Fuze:

So, Install video4fuze. From what I can tell, it’s python code that calls a few different things (mencoder, and avi-mux or someodd program thru wine).

one last thing, if you want Rhythmbox to recognize the player, and use the $PLAYERMOUNTNPOINT/MUSIC directory, add this to the player’s root dir:

echo audio_folders=MUSIC > .is_audio_player