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ssh information

so i had a portion of my last website that was dedicated to the storage of random information, usually some sort of linux-fu designed to keep me from running the google engine again for something i’d already learned, er, looked up.

since this blog is now pretty much officially just mine (nobody else really ever wrote on it, and Vanessa said that she wouldn’t be offended if i used it for strictly geeky purposes, with the occasional familial update) i’m going to just dump a few ssh gems for future reference. I will probably use the body of the entry for a description / links to the application, and comments for individual instances of cli awesomeness. enjoy!

reverse tunnell:

ssh -R 12345:localhost:22 remotehost 

you have someone who doesn’t know how to configure port forwarding do that to a machine you both can see, then run this:

ssh -p 12345 localhost 

after you authenticate, you’ll be on their box! like magic!!1!

other tunnel:

ssh -L 12345:host-on-remote-network:80 gateway_to_network 

if you do that, you can do cool things like this:


will go to host-on-remote-network’s port 80 (normal web request)

lastly, using firefox to watch youtube at byu:

connect to an off-campus server:

ssh -D 1337 

and point firefox’s proxy at localhost:1337