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supermagical vampire powers

i’m sorry for ruining the plot of the last book in the twilight series, but, as it turns out, certain vampires have very special powers, like being able to look into the future, read minds, adjust emotions, etc.

while i was reading about these abilities, which tend to typically be super-refined/magnified abilities that the vampire had in their human life, i started thinking what sort of abilities my wife would have in her vampire life.

it was really hard to come up with one! and, the sad thing, is that i thought i knew my own wife well enough that i could come up with one in 20 seconds or less.

so, the point of this blargh entry is to get everyone posting what they think everyone else would have as a super-special vampire power. to start things off, i think that vanessa would have the ability to be unreasonably patient (since she’s already pretty good at it now). along that line, i think she’d be able to work with people to help them be better at stuff.

anyways, what do you think?